Sunday, January 14, 2018


Since I arrived in Ecuador, my life seems to have taken so many different positive turns. Early last year, Sharyl attended a new comers luncheon. While talking to several people, the subject turned to hiking in our local mountains, "The Cajas"

She mentioned that I go all the time. She was then asked if I would be willing to take them. With her yes answer, another door has opened. I started taking friends and friends of friends. I now was receiving several requests each week to take someone with me

Most of you know I am a "birder" I love to go to all over the world to bird watch. This passion does not readily lend itself to taking hikers along. As a birder, I knew about the Cajas and I had found my way there. I was hooked and I was going twice a week hiking at above 13,500 feet. There were several trails I would explore. I could not get enough. So taking others was a natural next step, to share my new love                                                              "HIKING"

 This is the lower entrance to the park, requires walking along a cobble stone road and passing along farmland to arrive at the entrance A 35 minute bus ride from Cuenca. The buses are great, they stop where ever you wish and will also pick you up where ever you are along the road

                        Not always perfect weather, but beautiful none the less

                                          My son Glenn came to visit .

The Ecuadorians have constructed a wonderful boardwalk to allow people to transit a very difficult part of the hike arond the laggoon

I call this my "restaurant " A wonderful spot for lunch with a great view 

  My granddaughter, Jordan came to visit  She joined me on a hike to " My World"

                Here she is again with the view from my restaurant behind her

I did fall one time and tumbled down the steep side of the trail about 70 feet  

You can see what happened, I leaned against the railing and it gave way and down I went . Hard to see in the picture but it is a long way down and very steep

As I was tumbling I said -------

" Boy I am really going fast"
Then I said

" Am I ever going to stop"
Then I did !!!!

Then I said

" How am I going to get back up "

Sharyl has now insisted that I do not go alone, so taking others allows me to continue to enjoy my new passion

 Perfect way to end a hike. best hot chocolate in Ecuador.

It can get really cold sometimes on these hikes. I can enjoy the cold, even the rain or hail, BUT I dont like it when there is any wind

                              Just a few of the scenes I encounter on my hikes 

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