Monday, February 20, 2017


Sharyl and I have ventured into the B&B business, joining AirBNB as hosts. Sharyl has always wanted to open our home as a B&B, and now that dream has come true.
We did some redecorating, and proceeded to go through the licensing process, still pending, and started advertising

 These are the three rooms we offer. All with queen beds  Come visit!!

 I thought we would attract mostly gringos, however so far most have been Ecuadorians, We have had 4 groups so far and each group has been so special. What a perfectly wonderful way to interact with folks here. The most interesting has been two young couples from Columbia, arriving on motorcycles.The first night, they did venture out to sightsee and eat, but the following evenings they just wanted to sit and converse with us for several hours. We learned so much about their lives in Columbia. Very interesting.
Other couples have been from Holland, another from the US travelling throughout South America. This couple stayed for 5 days to go hiking with Stan, AND they did most of the cooking while they were here. How special was that. We liked them the moment we opened our door to greet them.
Then a gentleman, has arrived for two weeks while he finds a permanent place to live. We have been helping him find the resources he needs to locate and settle into his new country.
We also have a young woman, who is a professional musician  staying with us for 6 months as she has been offered a teaching job at the close-by University.
So , we have now found another very special way to become more involved with the people here, and enhance our enjoyment of ECUADOR. How did we get so lucky!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on a wonderful idea. Wishing you much success with your new venture.

  2. Congratulations on your new endeavour! I was thinking of you both today as we are watching a documentary on some lost kingdom from northern Peru. Very close to you from my map. Have a lovely time, loving your new country of choice and the people you meet. Ciao!